Walking along the left side of the house................

..... you get the impression that the garden is huge, because over the yewhedge you can see the trees across the small canal next to our house, trees that are part of the community park about 100 yards away.
And this is what you would see on the other side of the hedge, community greenery.
The path above leads you to the very private back garden, which is our real hideout.

Click to look at this lovely spot from above

On the left behind the garden bench a burst of early flowering Kerria Japonica Plena

and further to the right a beautiful Cornus showing its bracts as false flowers. We saw the Dogwoods many years ago for the first time in Yosemite National Park in California, just after having moved to our new home and garden which we hadn't seen in the flowering season and we decided we wanted one. When we got back there it was, waiting for us and we hadn't noticed it yet that first Spring.....
Later, in Summer we have several marvellous Lavateras Barnsley Pink,
which unfortunately we have had to replace every Spring for the last few years due to the frost in Winter

Now I would just like you to look around and enjoy some more shrubs, bulbs, annuals and perennials that we enjoy during the year in the different seasons.........

Garden gate
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