Now I would just like you to look around and enjoy some more shrubs, bulbs, annuals and perennials that we enjoy during the year in the different seasons.........
Here are a group of lovely Bluebells (Hyacanthoides hispanica Excelsior),
a crimson double Peony,

and climbing up the wall a Hydrangea Petiolaris,
the white flash of a Viburnum Picatum Cascade you saw along the path, and as you walk.... to the back garden
a pink and white waterfall of Weigelia Florida Nana variegata, whilst
against the wall is a Wisteria sinensis Prolific, which in its third year now is really showing a lot of colour
This old drinking trough is now a miniature rockery

and this is the gardener at last,
taking care of his hanging baskets.
He waters them at least once a
day and twice if it's hot and adds
a good helping of tomato fertilizer
once a week

And all this was made possible by the unstinting help and patience of

Marion, who makes the most marvellous pages.
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Update June 26th, 2000