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As we are concerned about the privacy ofliving individuals as well as the theft of genealogy data for distributionand/or sale by other parties, we have established some Web-pages by using DavidNaylor's excellent utility GeDStrip.

Our goal in presenting this web page data here is only to make contact with othergenealogists researching these same names. To
this end it is not necessaryto provide the links between individuals. The GeDStripprogram deletes living individuals from these pages as well as all linksbetween the remaining ones.
Any person with a valid connection to our family tree will be able todiscover that connection and is able to contact me. Data will be freelyshared as long as the privacy of living individuals will be respected.
The output can be seen on our Surname Index page and from there to the individuals' data page.

If you're interested in David Naylor's program, you can download GeDStriphere.

E-mail us at: Menno & Renée

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